I'm a Coach, I specialise in people who overthink, and I get them to a place where they are really confident.


In the past I used to overthink, and was able to use skills to overcome that, now I share these skills, and have successful results with other people like you.  I am really interested in how people think, and as a Licensed Master NLP Practitioner, I know how you think can make you feel really good, or make you feel really bad. 


I work with my clients to help them grow into the strongest and most authentic version of themselves. I have the solution, and I have the successful results.

Hi, I'm Rachel


I offer one to one coaching sessions to help you identify underlying limiting beliefs, what is it that you actually want, and what is holding you back from achieving your goal (hint : it's between your ears!) 


I am a Licensed Master NLP Practitioner with a strong interest in Human Behaviour. This means I use scientifically proven methods to work with my clients  in order to help them promote long term and lasting positive change. I have successful results working with a wide range of clients on a variety of subjects with a specialty focus in Overthinking and Anxiety. 





I believe that we all are capable of growing and achieving more than we do right now.  I also believe that unless you know how to use your mind to drive you forwards, you will use it to hold you back. This is where I come in. And this is where I help you achieve your full potential



  • Not speaking up when deep down you want to

  • Focus more on others peoples emotions during difficult conversations rather than your own

  • Imagine and practise conversations in your head before they happen

  • Leave conversations disappointed and suddenly realise what it is what you wanted to say

  • Nervous before work presentation with senior stakeholder because "what if I don't do well"

  • Take ages to start pieces of work because you don't know all the steps you need to take to get to the end

  • Feel like your manager has more control over your career than you do

  • Want to move to a new city or country but are putting it off because what about if it doesn't work

  • Want to change careers but you keep putting it off

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“It was so helpful and pretty much life changing really. It’s unbelievable for me that literally after YEARS of indecisiveness that I’ve finally decided what direction to go in.” 

—  Erin 31, Melbourne